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Nitro Pro 8 ini merupakan software untuk masalah file PDF yang selalu dhizka pake di laptop dhizka.. Karena feature nya lengkap dan simpel temen-temen..
Misalnya buat temen-temen yang bingung mau convert file Ms.Word ke PDF, bisa tinggal 1 klik dengan Nitro Pro 8 ini.. bukan Ms. Word aja, Excel, Power Point dan file gambarpun bisa di convert langsung,. jadi dengan menginstall Nitro Pro 8 ini, Nitro Pro 8 otomatis langsung
ada di bar Ms.Office kita.. hheehhehe
Selain itu dengan Nitro Pro 8 ini kita juga bisa membuat langsung file PDF..
Ya begitulah.. masalah-masalah PDF.. langsung sajaa kasih ke Nitro Pro 8 ini.. hehehehhe

  • Create PDFs with a single click from Microsoft® Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint® files.
  • Combine different file formats onto a single PDF, including spreadsheets, images, documents, presentations, etc.
  • Easily edit documents: Add, delete or rearrange pages, modify page elements such as text and images, and much more.
  • Intuitive editing tools let you revise text, format font face, size, color, etc., add and delete headers, footers and watermarks, and more.
  • Edit entire paragraphs effortlessly, automatically reflowing text as you type.
  • Modify images within a PDF: Insert, delete, replace, resize, and crop images, or change properties such as brightness, contrast, resolution and more.
  • Convert PDF files back into fully formatted, editable Microsoft® Word files with a range of preset and customizable settings.
  • Automatically extract tabular PDF data into clean, easy-to-use Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets.
  • Export PDF pages as image files that retain full integrity, or convert an entire batch of PDF files in one simple step.
  • Scan paper documents directly to PDF in one simple step, direct from your imaging hardware.
  • Transform printed and digital image archives into searchable PDF files.
  • Convert paper- or image-based text into fully editable digital documents.
  • Work with multiple language documents with OCR support for English, German, Spanish, French, Italian* and Dutch*.
  • Contribute and share feedback on text documents, presentations, creative designs, technical drawings, and more.
  • Provide feedback with intuitive markup tools like sticky notes, text highlighting, call-outs, and freehand drawings.
  • View, sort and organize comments by any criteria, or consolidate them in a separate document.
  • Turn your handwritten signature into a stamp that you can apply to any electronic file with QuickSign™, and even add password protection.
  • Apply certified, industry-standard digital signatures faster, with reusable one-click Digital Signature Profiles.
  • Use stamps to indicate document status as Draft, Final, Reviewed, and Approved, or create custom, dynamic stamps.
  • Secure your PDF files with military-strength 256-bit encryption.
  • Specify permissions to control printing, editing and copying of information.
  • Permanently remove sensitive and confidential information with redaction tools.
  • Prevent malicious attacks and unauthorized JavaScript-based and by disabling JavaScript in PDF files.

Download :

Download Nitro Pro 8 for (32-bit) + Keygen Via IDWS (45 MB)
Harus Diketik
Download Nitro Pro 8 for (64-bit) + Keygen Via IDWS (53 MB)
Harus Diketik
Download Keygen Nitro Pro 8 for (32/64-bit) Via IDWS (414 KB)

Tested by me (Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit) Worked
Posted by Admin Okky

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