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Lanjutt.. Sekarang programnya Autodesk nih temen-temen, jangan tau nya AutoCAD aja.. Banyak loh program nya.. Nah yang dhizka share ini merupakan software yang memiliki ukuran yang terkecil dibanding produk-produk mereka yang lain, namanya Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 6.0.1 ini. Ini merupakan software untuk desain, untuk menggambar. Tapi namanya juga produk nya Autodesk yaaa,
software nya ini elegan banget. Tools-tools nya itu keren-keren. Dan menu nya banyak yang dapat kita gunakan untuk menggambar dan men-desain... Dan yang membedakannya ini, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 6.0.1 ini memiliki feature capture screen yang langsung bisa kita pakai untuk bahan kita men-desain.. Langsung saja dicobaaa...

Sketching, Painting, and Drawing App
The award-winning application for everyone who loves to draw! Sketch, paint, and draw with a professional-grade app that is easy-to-use for every artist.
Autodesk® SketchBook® Pro sketching software for Windows or Mac computers is a fun and intuitive paint and drawing app, and can transform your computer into an ideal artist’s toolkit. With tools designed for professional artists, illustrators, and designers, the easy-to-use interface can help unlock the artist in everyone. SketchBook Pro is specifically designed to work with pen tablets, such as Wacom® Bamboo™, Intuos®, and Cintq® products, or with Windows® tablet devices to deliver an authentic drawing experience.
  • Free up the sketching process with ultra-responsive digital pencils, pens, markers, paintbrushes, and airbrushes. Even customize your own brushes.
  • Draw Styles & Guide tools, like French curves, help you create clean and nearly precise strokes.
  • Layers let you build up and organize a drawing.
  • Incorporate your own images by dragging and dropping, or import into layers.
  • Familiar tools, like pencils, paintbrushes, markers, airbrushes, erasers, flood fill tools, and smudge brushes make it easier to get started.
  • Easy access to tools and commands in the intuitive and customizable menus.
  • Annotate images quickly by importing images and adding comments on top.
What's New in SketchBook Pro 6?
  • Streamlined interface delivers an unobstructed and discoverable environment, keeping you in the creative zone.
  • Multitouch navigation support on the latest Wacom devices.
  • Synthetic paintbrushes that behave more like traditional paint mediums.
  • Smudge brushes for blending colors.
  • Even more brush controls to customize.

System Requirements

For Autodesk SketchBook Pro 6 on Windows

·       Microsoft® Windows7® or Microsoft® Windows® XP operating system
·       1 GHz Intel or AMDprocessor
·       1 GB ofRAM
·       Graphics card capable of 1,024 x 768 display with 128 MB RAM
·       Pressure-sensitive tablet and pen recommended for basic features.

Download :

Installer + Keygen :
Download Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 6.0.1 + Keygen (29 MB)
Harus Diketik
Keygen Only :
Download Keygen Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 6.0.1 Via IDWS(48 KB)

Tested by me (Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit) Worked
Posted by Admin Okky

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