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CollageIt Pro 1.9.2 ini merupakan software untuk mengedit foto dalam jumlah banyak namun dijadikan satu dikumpulkan dengan template-template yang bagus dan menarik. Misalnya temen-temen abis reunian terus banyak foto-foto nya, nah pakai ini aja, pasti bagus banget untuk kenang-kenangan. Simpel banget cara penggunaannya temen-temen, cuma tinggal pilih templatenya, lalu pilih foto-foto nya deh.. hohohohooh

Template yang disediakan banyak temen-temen, mau yang tersusun rapih, ataupun yang terlihat seperti berantakan ada, tinggal pilih aja.. hehehe
Ayoo temen-temen silahkan di download.. :)


CollageIt is an easy-to-use photo collage maker for Mac OS X & Windows, which makes collage automatically. In a matter of seconds, this collage software can turn any ordinary photos into impressive collages.
Try this free collage maker to produce you own style collages and share them with your friends and families in a unique way.

Key Features

Automatic, Easy to Use and Powerful

  • There is no need to make any manual adjustments since this collage editor can create photo collage automatically with just a few mouse clicks. It is easy enough for the users of all experienced level.
  • WYSIWYG—Real-time preview with high speed.
  • Great capacity can accommodate a handful of photos up to 200.
  • Diverse types of photo collage can be created and A1 size or even larger size is available.

Various Collage Templates to Choose

  • Choose the collage layout with various collage templates or create picture collage on Mac OS X & Windows with blank one.
  • Many kinds of pre-designed templates included, users can select a style at their will.
  • Various collage layouts can be found in the templates.

Customize Photo Collages Freely

  • Set page size and collage background to meet your needs.
  • Easily design your picture collages with variable parameters provided, such as photo count, photo space, page margin, rotation and sparse.
  • Photo frames and shadow added for decoration.
  • Cropping photo is available so that the photos in the collage can fit well into the chosen collage space.
  • “Random Layout?can continuously generate all kinds of collage layouts in seconds by just a click.

Share the Collage Anywhere

  • Save the collages as JPEG, PNG, PDF, PSD or other images formats and print it out.
  • Send it to family members and friends via Email.
  • Easily set your photo collage as your desktop wallpaper.
  • Share your beautiful collages on Flickr and Facebook.
Version: 1.9.2 (build 3548)
Release date: Jan 18, 2013
Requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, VISTA or Windows7/8

Download :
Installer + Keygen :
Download CollageIt Pro 1.9.2 + Keygen Via SB (8,2 MB)
<Mirror> Download CollageIt Pro 1.9.2 + Keygen Via TF (8,2 MB)

Keygen Only :
Download Keygen CollageIt Pro 1.9.2 Via TF (19 KB)
Tested by me (Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit) Worked
Posted by Admin Okky

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